Our classes

 Our classes start at 5:30 pm where you meet our chef

The class is divided in 3 main stages:

#1 Learn and experience (about 1 hour)
With our experimented Peruvian chef you will go through the central market (San Pedro market) a few blocks away. There he will teach you about typical Peruvian ingredients such as potatoes, corn, Andean herbs, Andean grains (quinua, qañiwa...), Fruits...
You will also buy whatever ingredient is needed for preparing the menu you chose.

#2 Cook (about 1 to 1.5 hour)
From the ingredients you got from the market you will learn how to prepare typical Peruvian dishes.

#3 Enjoy (the time you need)
After preparing the dishes, you will enjoy it altogether. At that moment you will have more time to ask any question or discover more the Peruvian culture with our chef. You will also be able to share your experiences with other people and enjoy a relaxing moment as if you were in a restaurant.

Cooking classes available for a minimum of 4 people
There is only one menu per class - The first who subscribed can choose the menu
Please contact us to book